What Are The Best Materials For Your Deck?

Designing and building a deck can be a time consuming and expensive process.  For those looking for dock design pewaukee wi help or are stuck on exactly what is needed to have a deck built here are some tips and tricks that you can use for the perfect construction.

Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are probably the easiest to construct.  When working with wood we have a lot of design options.  We can use traditional two by fours for our decks, pallets are becoming popular for decks and even a combination of different woods for our decks.

When working with wooden decks you will want to scout your area first.  If you are working around water you want to use a wood that will stand up to waves, water and other elements.  Sealing the wood will also be needed.  Having a dock rot is not a good investment.

Metal Docks

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Metal dock are also a good idea and investment.  Building an aluminum docks will last longer than wood and are lighter.  If the dock is smaller then it might be able to be moved if needed.  These docks can manage a lot of weight and with their gripped patter are safer to walk on than slippery wood.


When deciding on the material for your dock look at maintenance.  Wooden docks will need to be painted, stained and sealed.  Aluminum docks may become dented or bent depending on the weight and or force placed upon them.

When in water will you need to scrape off barnacles?  Does the dock need to be moved quickly or otherwise altered to accommodate something larger?   How does your dock fit in with the rest of the area?  These and other questions need to be asked before building or finalizing on your dock design and materials.