General Contractors And Your Projects

Finding someone you can trust to do a job well done is an important step in building or remodeling your home.  Finding a general contracting hartsdale ny professional that will work with you and not take over the project is your first step. Here are some other tips that you can use for your remodeling or construction project.

Get references and referrals

When starting a project just don’t pick the first guy that walks up to your house with a business card and a brochure.  You want to really take your time and research the people you are going to work on your home.  You want to see past work they have done, talk to past clients and more.

Take pictures

Photos and videos will only be your friend.  You want to start at the very beginning of the project.  Take pictures of your house, the specific areas you want to have changed and more.  With these photos you can have a visual timeline of the entire process.  Also, when the workers leave for the day go around and take photos of what they have done and how they leave the jobsite.  If the work is good but they are messy and careless with their tools you want this documented as well.

Make your ideas and requests known in writing

Working on a project you will have lots of ideas, conversations and as a result you might not remember what it is you said and to whom.  Keeping written notes with signatures as well as dates will help you keep your mind straight as well as all of your projects in order.  The last thing you want to happen is have a room painted blue that you wanted green.

Budget wisely

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Put your money in the most economical places.  These will be in finishes and accessories.  When we put the money into the things that we will use daily as well as see on a constant basis then we know we have budgeted our money to the best of our ability.