Tips For Maintaining Your Rubber Pipes

Pipes allow us to allow liquid and gasses to flow from one location to another in a controlled environment.  When using rubber lined pipe we are creating a protective barrier between the content we need to transport and the exterior of the pipe.  This added bit of protection will allow a wide variety of materials to be through a pipe without causing damage to the pipe itself.

rubber lined pipe

The main problem people will have with pipes is the changing weather.  Hot and cold temperatures will cause the pipes to expand and contract as well as become brittle and be prone to cracking.  This is one of the reasons why we line some pipes with rubber.  This rubber will help protect the pipes as well. 

The general care and maintenance of pipes should be tended to all year round.  In the summer months make sure that the pipes are protected from extreme heat and sunlight.  The heat will cause the rubber to get hot causing a wide array of issues.  With hot the rubber may melt or become lose.  If this happens then gaps can form causing the pipe to start leaking. 

During the summer months make sure if possible, to have the pipes stored in a cool shaded area.  Keeping the rubber cool will help in any issues in the future.  For the winter months you will also want to keep your pipes protected.  Just like in the summer, if the pipes are exposed to extreme temperature fulgurations it can become brittle and cracked.   Keeping hot materials out of cold pipes is also a good idea.  When we have hot materials going through a cold pipe they will quickly rupture and burst. 

Make sure to keep an eye on your pipes throughout the year and if you see any sign of stress or fractures make sure to repair or replace them right away.